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All types of Ténéré and Super Ténéré manufactured by Yamaha between 1983 and today.

Prior to the event the digital files of the routes will be sent to you in GPX format. A device that can read GPX files is required, the files are compatible with Garmin navigation devices and smartphones (both Android and Apple) with the right apps installed. We will provide instructions to prepare your navigation device for the event.

Note: TomTom navigation devices are not compatible with GPX files. 

You can expect adventurous routes off the beaten track, where paved and unpaved roads will alternate during the daily stages. The off road sections vary from beginner to intermediate level. You don’t have to be an expert off road rider, but we recommend to have off road experience to successfully ride all stages.

If you don’t have any off road experience, this is the opportunity to gain it. During the Ténéré Experience Day prior to the stages, you can practice at your own skill level with the supervision of an official Yamaha instructor. You will take the skills and knowledge with you during the daily stages. Chances are you will successfully finish all stages. If it turns out the off road parts are still too challenging, we provide completely paved alternatives for all off road sections. 

The daily stages are designed with a Ténéré rider in mind, leading you through a variety of landscapes on different kinds of surface with a strong focus on off road. Challenging routes with a carefully balanced mix of natural beauty, points of interest and local hospitality.

Start and finish within the given time windows and the rest is up to you. Travel alone, together or hook up with others during the journey. Stop at a restaurant to enjoy local specialities. Have a break at the shores of a lake to enjoy your self-made coffee. Feel free and travel in a way that suits you best. 

The stages will be between 250 and 500 km a day. Each day is composed in a way that it takes about 8 to 10 hours from start to finish.

Prior to the event we will share the daily finish locations, this way you can book your own accommodation in the direct environment. Sometimes it is possible to book accommodation at Ténéré Town. When this is not possible, there are alternatives nearby. Whether you booked your own accommodation or not, you’ll always have access to Ténéré Town.

Note: booking an alternative overnight stay is at your own expense.

Each Ténéré Town location offers at least a campground, electricity, toilets, showers, a restaurant, bar and an unparalleled atmosphere. 

To be prepared is half the victory. Make sure your motorcycle is in good condition, bring the right travel gear with you, get your paperwork sorted and make sure you are fit.

We will provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for the journey prior to the event. 

That is no problem. In the registration process you can write a question mark in the field of your license plate. As soon as the license plate number is available, it has to be provided to the organization separately.

Prior to the event, you will receive login details to access the app. With the app you can create your own profile, you can see who you will be traveling with, you can interact with other riders, check the ranking and much more. 

A.M.C. – Stabroek (BE)
Aimery Racing – Bourdon (BE)
Brussels Moto Store – Woluwe-St-Lambert (BE) 
BW Motors – Mechelen (BE) 
CLM Motos – Seraing (BE)
De Baets – Hasselt (BE)
Garage Morosini – Athus (BE) 
Gebben Motoren – Rogat (NL) 
Goedhart Motoren – Bodegraven (NL) 
Hobby Moto – Cuesmes (BE) 
KM Motos – Lontzen (BE)
Lux Moto – Saint-Vith (BE) 
MCD Motors – La Louvière (BE)
Mertens – Sint Niklaas (BE) 
Motocenter Tienen (BE)
MotoKaiser – Limerlé (BE) 
MotoPort Echt (NL) 
MotoPort Goes (NL) 
MotoPort Hippolytushoef (NL) 
MotoPort Rockanje (NL) 
Motoport Veldhoven (NL)
MotoPort Zelhem (NL) 
Motor Centrum West – Naaldwijk (NL) 
Motor City Amsterdam (NL) 
Motorshop Desmet – Waregem (BE)
Motorshop Eeklo (BE) 
Motorshop Gent (BE)
Motorstore Uithoorn (NL) 
Motorweelde – Weelde (BE) 
Motostore Barendrecht (NL) 
Mototech – Wetteren (BE) 
Mototech Luxembourg – Steinsel (LU)
Mototown – Schifflange (LU) 
MTS Verlinden – Londerzeel (BE) 
Raes Motoren – Oostende (BE) 
RB Motoren – De Bilt (NL) 
Sud-Moto – Bruxelles (BE) 
Termaat Motoren – Nijmegen (NL)
Topmoto – Apeldoorn (NL) 
Trust Bike – Braine-l’Alleud (BE) 
Van de Kuinder Motoren – Hilversum (NL) 
Van Der Heyden Motors – Kontich (BE) 
Van Meel Motoren – Made (NL)
Van Roosbroeck – Merksem (BE) 
Van Sleeuwen Motoren – Volkel (NL)
VF Motoren – Meeuwen (BE)
Zone Rouge By Michael Mazuin – Andenne (BE)
Zone Rouge By Michael Mazuin – Fosses la Ville (BE)

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